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Status Offline
IP AboveTheClouds.beastmc.com
Port 25565
Players 0
Version 1.16.5
Country US
Owner AboveTheClouds
Category Survival Vanilla Roleplay 
Website https://abovetheclouds.enjin.com/
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Above The Clouds is a server created by and for players who are nostalgic for the earlier days of Minecraft, but who also want something more challenging and meaningful from their survival playthrough. We are completely against pay-to-win mechanics, and have outright removed any and all forms of donation!The World: Above The Clouds takes place in Eversky - a custom-generated world exclusively made from floating islands based on alpha world settings. There is a heavy focus on creating scenic but habitable areas. Rest assured that you will never see terrain quite like this anywhere else. Glowing auroras weave between wandering dungeons, trees the size of cities grow beneath oceans that float like clouds. The world is dotted with settlements, ruins, and fortresses to aid, conquer, or reclaim, and monthly updates ensure that you will never run out of places to explore!The Community: Our server boasts a pre-existing group of tight-knit core players. Many of us have been friends for years, yet we are always on the lookout to gain new companions to game or just chat with. Never feel out of place or left-out again! Once you join you're a part of the Eversky gang. Our staff is a dedicated team of anonymous long-term Minecraft players who keep the peace but never interfere with regular server play. Gone are the days of abusive or power-thirsty administrators!The Story: If a custom world and an arms-open community aren't already enough, we also boast an optional open-world adventure map where your choices actually matter! Eversky boasts the first Dynamic Minecraft Adventure Map -  a team of writers and coders constantly re-write the story based on what the community does, and what YOU do. The result? A story like no other, that transcends the possibility of code. Voyage across lands beautiful and dangerous, learning the triumphs and tragedies of the settlers who came before you. Ally yourself with powerful Gods, secure long-lost relics, and don't just experience a story - become it.The Mechanics: Despite the insane custom world and the hand-crafted story, we are committed to keeping the server as vanilla and intuitive as possible. Plugins are kept to the basics, and all non-traditional aspects are coded with Minecraft's command block capabilities. While it may seem overwhelming at first, we seek to re-instill the sheer wonder we all experienced when we first played Minecraft.

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