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Status Offline
Port 25598
Players 0
Version 23w07a
Country CA
Owner Redtee
Category Survival Vanilla Economy 
Uptime 0.0%
Last Ping 456902 minute(s) ago

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Welcome! this site is deicated to the server im running called Boldcraft. On here if you go to donation store you can purchase in game perks such as fly, worldedit and so much more! all for th price of $1 - $2:50 which is a steal of a deal! For those who want a trusting community and no griefers, no plugins, just vanilla minecraft this is the server for you, to apply join game and type /apply in chat. Answer the following  question to the best of your ability, the better the response the higher the chance of being accepted. If you choose not to apply then enjoy the server from an observation stand point. once accepted feel free to create what ever you feel from great buildings to pure survival.

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