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Version Spigot 1.12.2
Country AF
Owner xIJohnyIx
Category PvP  Roleplay Economy 
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    Welcome to Age of Renaissance! AoR is a brand new alternative history RP server based in Europe during the middle of the 16th century - the very same century in which the Spanish and Portuguese fleets emerged on a new, exotic continent, while the rest of Europe was torn by either conforming to a new christian faith or die in the wars protecting the legacy of the old. It was a flourishing time for the arts and sciences, which is heavily reflected in the introduction of various new technologies - whether this be the printing press, manufacturing or the musket: the world was changing, and so was the borders everywhere in Europe. No more was Europe stagnating by the hands of the plague. No, it was rising to become stronger and more powerful than ever.     Whether you want to live your life in court, rule a nation, fight in battles or explore the old continent, Age of Renaissance is the place for you. We emphasize role-play to its fullest and want to maintain a high standard of quality throughout your experience on the server - whether that be a long or short one.Server Website: Discord:  (discord link will never expire)Server Dynamic Map:

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