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Port 25565
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Country FR
Owner Mavac
Category  Tekkit Raiding Economy 
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# Welcome To Kings of Tekkit ###SummaryDISCLAIMER!!!!!!! Timers are set to 0.750 and world anchors are semi hard to get! (No limits other then that) We are Kings of Tekkit. We bring you our new SURVIVAL server. Clean out of the box ready to set your feet in.Build an amazing base with tons of factories and an amazing view.Come and checkout others bases and get voted for the best looking and best factory base on the server!We have protected all your blocks items and containers so feel no fear, just claim your land with a golden shovel.Emc Farms are allowed and no limits at that!NO limits on Energy Collectors. This will provide a more royal experience ;) ### BannedItemsA very small amount of items will impact your gameplay (probably non)Jump on the server go to /warp banned ###Features World Anchors are allowed, but need to be obtained through Voting/ING-MoneyIf you become the richest player on the server you get a special rank as long as you stay the richest.  This is a very unique feature that i belive nobody else has. Ever wanted to make big money on Minecraft well we got CoinFlipCoinflip is a fun way to challenge a Friend or a Rival, High risk High RewardMore coming soon!! ##Now join and build something AMAZING!!!!

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