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Status Offline
IP play.endnetwork.co
Port 25565
Players 0
Version Spigot 1.15.2
Country IT
Owner kai1846456
Category Prison Skyblock OP Prison Economy 
Discord https://discord.gg/ExwxtbU
Uptime 0.0%
Last Ping 788275 minute(s) ago

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Welcome to End Network - OP Prison and Skyblock (coming soon) and would like to show you some of our features that make us better than others! The IP for our server is - play.endnetwork.co Our Discord Server - https://discord.gg/ExwxtbU Our Twitter - https://twitter.com/EndPrison Our Features (OP Prison) 9 Custom Enchants - We have a large variety of custom enchants each with unique abilities and capabilities! Enchants like Lucky and Token Excavator will make getting E-Tokens nice and ez. Enchants like Explosive and Jackhammer will help you fill your inventory quickly. Unique enchants like Crate Finder have thier own abilities. Custom Backpacks - We have our own backpack system which will automatically fill as you mine when your inventory is full. You can use E-Tokens to get more slots for your backpack. There is no limit to the amount of slots you can have! Backpacks are custom enchant and fortune supported! Fishing (Coming soon) - Fish for lots of unique treasures like E-Tokens, crate keys and rare items! Fishing will have custom enchants to help you get even more treasure! Fish That You earn will automatically sell for easier income! Plots and Economy - Plots allow you to make shops to earn money and build all sorts of incredible structures! You can do build anything you like! It only requires imagination. Prestige and rebirth - Getting to the max rank (Z) will allow you to prestige! When you prestige, you will get a sell booster to earn more money and also some E-Tokens to improve your backpack or pickaxe. There are 100 Prestiges, each one harder than the other. When you reach prestige 100, you can rebirth! Rebirthing will give you a HUGE sell booster and will reset your prestige! Rebirth makes prestiging more expensive than the time before but it's certainly worth it!

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