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Status Offline
Port 25589
Players 0
Version Spigot 1.17
Country US
Owner NemesisPrison
Category PvP  Faction Prison Economy 
Uptime 0.0%
Last Ping 718936 minute(s) ago

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Nemesis Prison is a fun filled, action packed server. We have many different options and environments for you as players. This ranges from the default prison ranks to an intense PvP guild based Free World, rife with competition. The eye of justice always looks down on you, but will you be able to become a reformed prisoner, or will you slip back into the tempting world of violence? Come and see if you can handle the prison, or whether it will handle you...  We are also looking for new staff members. D Prisoner:  - Default Rank  - Access to D Prison - A mine containing stone, coal and iron- A tree mine containing logs, planks and leaves- A room of enderchests and furnaces- Access to player cells- Access to the D shop- Access to the D public furnaces C Prisoner:  - Obtain by ranking up from D for 15,000 Dollars (In-Game Money)  - Access to D Prison and C Prison- Access to a mine with sandstone, coal, redstone and iron- Access to the C fishing farm- Furnaces with more privacy- The ability to join a faction B Prisoner:  - Obtain access by ranking up from C for 90,000 Dollars (In-Game Money)  - Access to D Prison, C Prison, and B Prison- Access to a mine with clay, iron, diamond, gold, emerald- Access to B food farm, cows and chickens- Access to safe furnaces- Access to B log mine A Prisoner:  - Obtain access by ranking up from B for 200,000 Dollars (In-Game Money)  - Access to all Prisons - Access to a mine with netherrack, diamonds and iron- Access to a clay mine with diamonds, emeralds and iron blocks Free:  - Obtain access by ranking up from A for 400,000 Dollars (In-Game Money)  - Free to explore the world and build- The ability to create a faction and to tp to the base  - Better chance of becoming a guard  - Access to Free Spawn  - Access to the end  - Access to the nether- Access to free potion shop

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