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Status Offline
Port 25565
Players 0
Country US
Owner thecraftersguild
Category Survival Towny 
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Last Ping 745823 minute(s) ago

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Thank you for checking out our page.

We are unique for many reasons, so instead of filling this section with a lot of "Fluff" here is as simple of a list as we could come out with.

►  Easy to use GUI... why learn commands, those are silly. Open our GUI from inside your inventory, no need to waste an item hot button
►  COMPLETELY FREE - we do appreciate donations, but we do not restrict gameplay in order to force you to donate. Anything you can buy on our donation store can also be earned through normal gameplay or by voting for us.
►  As unobtrusive chat colors as possible
►  Boss Mobs - Randomly spawned, hard to kill, drop awesome loot.
►  Random Meteor Strikes (lootable for custom items and other valuable items)
►  Custom NPC Villagers - Arm them to fight mobs, make them followers, marry them, have kids, insult and divorce them... Just have fun
►  Dispensers can actually plant stuff now... (Fully Automatic farms???)
►  Pets (Can be captured)
►  Mob farms are allowed - Just keep them small, under 50 mobs per chunk
►  Friendly Environment
►  Custom Recipes
►  Custom Items

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