Frozen Factions |1.8-1.12 Supported|

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Status Offline
Port 25565
Players 0
Version Spigot 1.8
Country AF
Owner ThatOGBryce
Category  Faction 
Uptime 0.0%
Last Ping 658518 minute(s) ago

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Welcome![color=#222222]Welcome to Frozen Factions a unique hardcore faction experience! Here at Frozen factions we strive to provide quality gameplay, friendly staff, and just a great community all around. Our staff has been trained from the ground up on to how to deal with certain situations so if you ever need help with anything related to the server we are here to help! [/color]What We Offer![color=#222222]We offer many plugins that are unique to the server gameplay such as: [/color] [color=#222222]MCMMO: Train your skills and become the best fighter around! [/color] [color=#222222]Factions: Create or join a faction and dominate the server! [/color] [color=#222222]CombatTagPlus: Don't let others run from the fight! [/color] [color=#222222]NoCheatPlus: Lets keep those hackers at bay! [/color] [color=#222222]ObsidianDestroy: Break into those nearly impossible to raid bases! [/color] [color=#222222]AuctionHouse: Auction away your goods with out all the chat spam! [/color] [color=#222222]DropParty: Lets the drop come our way! [/color] [color=#222222]PvPTimer: Lets give the new players a chance! [/color] [color=#222222]VoteParty: Vote a certain amount of times and get huge rewards! [/color] [color=#222222]SIlkSpawners: Mine spawners and use them to grind! [/color] [color=#222222]ChatReaction: Guess the word first and get a reward! [/color] [color=#222222]ActionHealth: See the enemy players health during battle! [/color] [color=#222222]BountyHunter: Hunt down players with other players for a reward! [/color][color=#0000ff]World Borders![/color][color=#222222] [/color] [color=#222222]Overworld: 5,000x5,000 [/color] [color=#222222]Nether: 1.500x1,500 [/color] [color=#222222]End: 1,000x1,000 [/color][color=#0000ff]Things to come![/color][color=#222222] [/color] [color=#222222]KOTH: Capture the point and hold in for goods! [/color] [color=#222222]KitGUI: View all the kits in a menu! [/color] [color=#222222]WarpGUI: View all the warps in a menu! [/color] [color=#222222]Backpacks: Carry more items but drop your backpack if you die! [/color] [color=#222222]We would love to hear the communities feedback as we strive to make the server better for everyone![/color]

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