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Country CA
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Embark on your own adventure! Naruto: Era of the Shinobi (EOTS) delivers players with amazing customization options to best suite your play style as well as systems that will have the player wanting more. Play on the server engaging in extensive, but simple role-play systems and/or pvp and pve aspects. Embark on adventures with friends, forum squads using our party system, customize your clan's jutsu as you gain rank, level up your spec with the ability to change spec and keep any progress made on another spec, have the choice to start out as an academy student or genin, and much more!  With an excellent dedicated staff team, EOTS is for the player, by the player. The community itself helps in shaping the game as it will progress and feedback is extremely vital to us. Whether your an extreme Naruto fan, or a die-hard role-play master, EOTS provides you with a variety of options of how you can go about playing on the server. Try it for yourself and join in on the adventure. IT IS YOUR ADVENTURE, YOUR WAY!  EOTS has much more to offer then what is stated here. Come check is out! We will be waiting on your arrival, shinobi! Pre-Alpha will release March 16, 2018 and is open to the public.  Website: [url][/url]  Discord: [url][/url] 

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