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Status Offline
Port 25565
Players 0
Version Spigot 1.12
Country US
Owner HerbDashwell
Category Survival Vanilla 
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Owner: HerbDashwell •Dev: zek2468 •Admin: Linkipoo ------------------------------------------------------------- "From the beginning, man has endeavored, Discovering things like the world had never seen before. With these creations, man gathered together in like-minded groups, and formed what we call, 'Civilization.' Wars have been waged, technology has advanced, but man has not. Will you prove yourself to be great? Will you forge a great empire, or advance the world. Its up to you." We are a small server founded by a group of friends who enjoy the ideas of government and history. We started this project with the aim of building civilization from the ground up; societies that form their own individuality. Currently, there are a few established towns, the largest being 'Phaendal' which is just South of spawn. It is the capital of the small nation of 'Genovia'. The state of the world is what we label as Tier 0. Eventually, we plan to have multiple players that all trade and cooperate in a manner similar to our own world. We have constructed a UNITED NATIONS building with hopes that major nations will one day male decisions on a global (server wide) level. Now, this does not mean we expect peace for for eternity, not at all. We know that fighting will occur, as we believe it is a natural process of Societal Development. We would also like to note that while joining a town or creating one with your friends is the best option, you may technically do as you wish, so long as you follow basic rules and common sense. If you choose to be a hunter/gatherer, go ahead. A roaming entertainer or merchant? Go ahead! A thief, rouge, or con artist? You do you pal. We at Nations! Want you to have the freedom not only to learn, but to have fun. Rules: 1. No Grief/Theft outside of War 2. No advertising 3. No Hacking 4. Please be active in the community! 5. Try to be mature and on topic •Joining a Town: Just ask  

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