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Status Offline
Port 10130
Players 0
Version 1.13.2
Country US
Owner bleedingpixelsgaming
Category Survival PvP Roleplay Economy MCMMO 
Website https://bleedingpixels.enjin.com/
Discord https://discordapp.com/invite/7dJ7UbW
Uptime 0.0%
Last Ping 745811 minute(s) ago

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A world filled with friendly players, NPCs, shops, custom classes, and hidden treasures. Explore the vast landscape in our survival world, build a town, test your artistic talents, or duel it out in PvP or the nether- we have something for everyone! But adventurer beware! Amidst the fun and games lies an evil enshrouded underground during the day, just waiting for night to fall... when they can freely roam the land.Essentials, Citizens, Custom Crates, Treasure Chests, MCMMO, Grief Prevention, Shops, Dynmap, Full community website and forums, Custom Classes, Custom KitsAll are welcome, new and veteran skill-level alike. We will be looking for staff! {Please do not ask for it, that's a guaranteed way to ensure you will NEVER get it!}  

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