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Brief overview of Ul'rathUl'rath, once a rich and prosperous world, with sprawling cities and rich dwarvern holds was sent into disarray when a powerful necromancer created a disease that rapidly spread across the land, destroying crops and forests the disease also spread to the inhabitants, wreaking havoc like a plague, killing people in their thousands, but this was not the worst part, the plague, reanimated the corpses of the dead, turning them into shambling horrors, although they had one strong weakness, the sun. A long while later the plague had wiped out anywhere with a large population, leaving the lands empty and desolate. After a few years passed, people managed to hold out in small settlements deep in the forests and mountains, one of them, named Brackenbrook managing only to survive thanks do being deep in the spruce forests of the Blackwood is begining to thrive, their walls keeping out the undead, life there isn't easy, but it is still life.The disease that once plagued this world seems to have lifted, allowing people to slowly, and carefully explore the other areas of the world, finding out whether the cities and keeps of the old world are still standing, or if they have crumbled due to being unused and ignored.

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