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Status Offline
Port 25565
Players 0
Version CraftBukkit 1.12.2
Country XX
Owner InfamousJackson
Category Survival Towny Economy MCMMO Adventure 
Uptime 0.0%
Last Ping 757181 minute(s) ago

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=18pxWelcome to TeamBuildMultiverse! The server is always up and is all about creating towns and playing with your friends! The plugins that we have include Lottery, MCMMO, Permissions, Player Auctions, and Dungeons! [list] [*]=18pxYou can trade, create towns, and Bet with your friends! If you need money, you can add prices or rent on lots or houses inside of your town. [*]=18pxWe have recently released the server, so if you find any bugs please report them on the forums. [*]=18pxWe have ranks that only cost IN-GAME money! You do not need to donate anything to be able to create a town. The ranks are at spawn and require no special permission to access them. [*]=18pxIf you are bored we highly checking out other players towns, and traveling to /warp dungeons! At the dungeon warp there is many staff made dungeons, and there are many player made dungeons that people on the server have created. [*]=18pxIf you want to, you can create your OWN Dungeon![*]=18pxWe currently have a Public Battle Arena to test your PvP skills against your friends or foes. [*]=18pxWe hope that you come and stay with us at the TeamBuildMultiverse Server! [/list]  =16ptJoin the public discord @ [url=][/url] =18pxServer Rules:[list] [*]=18pxNo using exploits [*]=18pxNo griefing [*]=18pxNo stealing other players things [*]=18pxNo using hacked clients or Xray. [*]=18pxNo being mean to other players. [*]=18pxDo not disrespect others. [*]=18pxNo scamming! [/list]

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