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Status Offline
IP play.wyssonrp.net
Port 26638
Players 0
Version CraftBukkit 1.11.2
Country US
Owner MasterWyatt569
Category Survival Roleplay Towny Economy Adventure 
Uptime 0.0%
Last Ping 713645 minute(s) ago

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The World of WyssonWhat is Wysson?Wysson is a community focused server on the subject of roleplay within a fantasy medieval world. Players from around the world come together in order to create a highly immersive story together, all the while growing a bond. The server is still heavily in it's development stages, and we really hope you'll come on to join us in the fun! We often have many donation discounts n' deals in order to welcome our incoming players.. let alone maintain our current playerbase. A wide variety of plugins, a team of friendly staff and backstory.. what's not to like? More info?We have been working hard to create a roleplay server that not only is friendly, but a player base where the rules are different than most roleplay servers, one thing is that most roleplay servers have something called "kill perms" where a players character can be not killed without there permission, we we thought that that was just horrible! So maby people misuse kill perms to make it where they cant be killed! So we did what we thought was way better! We replaced it with common sense! There are NO kill perms! anyone can die at any moment without someone agreeing to it! As long as its logical!What if your death was not logical?if you think that your death was not logical then you can contact staff and they will decide if its logical or if it should be voided. Another thing we edited is voiding, only staff can void a roleplay now. Some races we have for default playersRemember that we have our official Race lore on the forums in our lore page, so make sure to read that so you can rp as your race correctly! One thing to mention is by default you have these races stated below, just to make clear you can be ANY race you want and rp as it, but if you want the race to show above your name and on tab, then you have to donated for a custom race name on our donation store. By default every race name is the color orange and by donating it will become blue, remember to ask staff to change it for you! Human Dwarf Elf Werewolf Demon Vampire Orc Reptilian Some ways to keep in touch with Wysson Members(And remember to vote and diamond for wysson!)IP: play.wyssonrp.netDiscord: [url]https://discord.gg/bkckBCz[/url] Forums: [url]https://wysson-forums.enjin.com/[/url] 

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