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Status Offline
Port 30034
Players 0
Version Spigot 1.12.2
Country CA
Owner Compensator
Category Survival 
Uptime 0.0%
Last Ping 581845 minute(s) ago

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1.12 Survival Server with great donator perks! The Server is now compatible with 1.7+ to 1.12+!Welcome to Infinite-Mc Survival server! We have very helpful staff and very nice players. We also have very cheap and affordable donations that will help the server grow and grow giving more fun than before!This server has to offer: Survival Server- Custom made Map/spawn - WormHole Portals!- Furniture - MMOItems plugin- ThrowingWeapons- Chisel [b](like the mod)[/b]- Tekkit Inspired (like the mod)- ClaimChunk which is a claiming plugin (Usage: /chunk claim) - Lock Picking usage for players- Custom Armor- Elytra Crafting- Arrow Trails (Use /trail)- Realistic Swimming- Elytra Effects (particles)Server rules: [1] Do not spam. [2] Respect players and staff. [3] Staff will not spawn in anything or any items for you. [4] Do not ask for in game items. [b][5] Do not ask for ranks.[/b][6] Hacking is not allowed such as using X-Ray(Will result in perma ban).  [7] Hacked Clients or any hacked clients aren't allowed (Optifine is allowed). [8] No sexism or racism. [9] No DDOS threats. (Will also result in a ban) [10] Do not exploit any glitches or bugs [11] Chargebacks aren't allowed (Will end up in a ban). [12] No Donation scamming of any kind. [13] No PVP logging (Result in 5hr tempban) [14] [b]No Advertising.[/b] [15] English only in chat. 

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