FatDog Minecraft: Savanna

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Status Offline
IP minecraft.fatdog.eu
Port 25565
Players 0
Version Paper 1.19.2
Country NL
Owner praqoon
Category Survival PvP Vanilla 
Website http://minecraft.fatdog.eu
Uptime 0.0%
Last Ping 619232 minute(s) ago

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FatDog Minecraft: Savanna

Savanna is a Minecraft survival mode (SMP) Rated R (+18) game-world which is built, maintained, destroyed, and managed by the players themselves, in every aspect. Within the limits of the game, you, as a player, have total freedom to do as you wish and choose your own path, in any way. You can build where you like, mine where you like, go where you like, and do things your own way. PvP is enabled so if you should be doing something that another player doesn't like I'm sure you'll find out, and vice-versa. Savanna is a DEFAULT biomes map with vastly unexplored regions containing undiscovered resources, structures, and untold wealth. You are able to build obsidian portals and venture to The Nether, or explore the seas to locate Ocean Fortresses, or seek out Strongholds and travel to The End to do battle with the mighty Ender Dragon!The adventure awaits you. Fortune and power can be yours. Build an empire block by block, or take one by force!

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