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Status Offline
Port 25565
Players 0
Version Paper 1.12
Country XX
Owner Mv_
Category PvP  Faction Raiding  
Uptime 0.0%
Last Ping 718930 minute(s) ago

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» A modified PvP aspect: Tired of the same PvP with Custom Enchants over and over again? I was too, so I decided to bring back the old aspects in factions. We have added a lot of cool features to make PvP more exciting, so here are some of them. » CobwebsIn Warzone, you are able to place cobwebs. After you place the cobwebs, they will remove in 10 seconds. This is great for trapping players who try and run! » Better PvPTired of bad hit detection and bad knockback? Well, we have a custom built plugin which allows you to get better hit detection and knockback! Not to mention, also gives better potion detections. » WithersNo one likes overpowered cannoneers destroying their base instantly, and no one likes to have to look on google or schematics to actually raid something. We have it so withers will spawn, and they will make it easier to raid, but harder to get. » Custom God Apple EffectsWe decided to spice the server up. If you eat a "God Apple", you will receive haste 2 for 20 seconds. This enables you to hit faster, which is very helpful since it breaks your enemies armor faster. » Koth (King of The Hill)Looking for great PvP battles?! Look no further. We have an advanced Koth system, which is great for team fights! Find yourself low on players? No worries! Just use cobwebs! Our Koth has some amazing loot as well! » Loot ChestsFind yourself low on gear? Well, keep an eye on chat, there will be "Loot Chests" that drop every so often. Inside the loot chests contains some of the most OP gear and cool prizes. Don't let others get it before you! » Non-P2W» Awesome AntiCheat

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