AusNet Survival I Slimefun + Griefprevention

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Status Offline
Port 25565
Players 0
Version kcauldron,cauldron,craftbukkit,mcpc,fml,forge 1.7.10
Country AF
Owner PandaPlaysAll
Category Survival 
Uptime 0.0%
Last Ping 709086 minute(s) ago

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Hello! Welcome to the description of our server! Why are you here?  Well! I can tell you!  A new and unique survival freebuild server! With a all new Vanilla-like edge with small twists utilizing marriage plugins, auctions, adding more fruits to the game and many other small features. This is too spice up the feel in the normal game mechanics of Minecraft but still remaining the sweet Vanilla playstyle. Our wonderful staff are always online and are players just like you, that's right. So the community may be small but it is great where everyone builds together.  We have rules you still need to comply and that is.  Respect all others players  Extreme toxicity and swearing is not allowed  Any client modification is strictly prohibited  Spamming is not allowed  Impersonating staff  DDOS/DOX threats are strictly prohibited  Griefing is intollerable  Advertising other servers is not allowed  We are family friendly, with a great established community, dedicated staff from around the globe, mcMMO, Jobs, Auctions, Events, Land claiming, Discord, Chat Color, SimpleSit, DayVote, Marriages and much more!

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