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Status Offline
Port 25565
Players 0
Version 1.8.9
Country US
Owner Partyboy
Category Survival PvP  Faction 
Uptime 0.0%
Last Ping 709107 minute(s) ago

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<p>★★ParamountMC★★Factions★PvP★Economy★mcMMO★<br /> ParamountMC is a new factions server that aims to bring you the best factions experience. &nbsp;We have a wide variety of plugins, including mcMMO, essentials, floAuction, crates, and many more. &nbsp;A list of our important plugins can be found below. &nbsp;All together, our plugins help provide the unique faction experience and fun gameplay you may be looking for. &nbsp;We have friendly staff that are willing to help out players to their fullest extent. &nbsp;Although we have many plugins to increase gameplay, we also want to focus on the main aspects of Factions: Raiding and PvPing. &nbsp;We have many plugins to help keep raiding balance. &nbsp;Roof cannons are disabled at sky limit, while bedrocks&#39;s durability is 500 and obsidian&#39;s is &nbsp;8. &nbsp;We also have ways to keep pvping balance, with staff are determined to keep the server hacker free, and a few useful plugins. &nbsp;Anyone of this sound interesting to you? If so, then join us at!!</p> <p>Plugin List:<br /> &nbsp;- AntiRoofCannon<br /> &nbsp;- Crates<br /> &nbsp;- CombatLog<br /> &nbsp;- Essentials<br /> &nbsp;- NoWither<br /> &nbsp;- WorldBorder (25,000 x 25,000)<br /> &nbsp;- SpongeRestore (Sponge absorbs water and lava)<br /> &nbsp;- Featherboard<br /> &nbsp;- NoDupe<br /> &nbsp;- Lottery<br /> &nbsp;- mcMMO<br /> &nbsp;- Player Vaults (For higher ranks)<br /> &nbsp;- HeadsForSale (50% chance for a head to drop. &nbsp;That head is worth 5% of the person killed)<br /> &nbsp;- Factions<br /> &nbsp;- ObsidianDestroyer<br /> &nbsp;- FBasics</p>

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