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Status Offline
Port 26945
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Country XX
Owner Biskotaki
Category Survival PvP Vanilla 
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Welcome to Vanilla EssenceYou have spawned in a challenging 7,000 x 7,000 vanilla world. Your objective is to survive, setup a base and battle your opponents.  Be aware! You can dig special kinds of chests that contain valuable loot. Those chests can be found while mining.  Loot chests will either contain common lootrare loot or even legendary loot.  You can receive additional rewards by voting for our server, using the /vote command.  Another aspect of our server are events. When two or more players are online, a new event will automatically start.  By completing the objective of an event, you can earn a special event loot chest that contains an enchanted item and iron coins.  Iron coins can be used to obtain very powerful items by trading with the villagers at spawn.  When an event is running, type /event to learn more, /event join to enter and /event quit to leave.  Lastly, remember that you can use /sethome to set your home, /home to teleport back to it and /spawn to get back to spawn. Have fun!  Type /rules to view the list of rules.  Discord link: [url][/url].

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