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Status Offline
Port 25565
Players 0
Version Spigot 1.12.2
Country US
Owner Shayd624
Category Survival Vanilla Economy 
Uptime 0.0%
Last Ping 758591 minute(s) ago

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Welcome to Craftopia. Our server is new, but its owners and staff are not. We are an 18+ server, that are looking for members to help this community grow and thrive. Craftopia has gone through a lot of ups and downs, ins and outs and its time for a fresh start. Fresh massive world, fresh spawn (with a Nether Hub to connect your bases *Staff will be available for assisting) Fresh economy that will be discussed with the whole community as we grow. What does Craftopia hope to acheive? [list] [*]A safe haven for adults after a stressful day at work. [*]A place, without nagging kids bothering you for a TP or items [*]No filters. No rules on language as long as it is not hateful/racist. [*]Community-driven projects (towns/Cities, help each other with resources, gear) build friendships! [/list] We're looking for others with the same passion for nice builds and a community setting. We are attempting to keep it "mostly" Vanilla with protections.Basic Rules[list] [*]Do not use hacked clients (X-ray, Texturepacks, speed, fly) You will be banned without warning. **Optifine/minimap is acceptable** [*]In junction with first bullet: NO exploits that duplicate items, blocks, money (rail generators for example) *Members will get 1 warning, and asked to remove the machine. Second offense is bannable* [*]Be respectful of staff and other players [*]Please do not ask for items/gear. The owners and staff play in survival like all members do. [*]No grieving. We all hate coming online to stolen items/broken builds [*]Do not settle within 100 blocks of another player...let them have room to expand [*]Please do not destroy the ecosystem. Replant trees, breed animals before you slaughter a whole field. [*]Have Fun [/list] Come check us out @ Take a look around, chat with other members, see if it's a good fit for you. If you like it, head over to our website @ [url=][/url] and apply to become a full fledged member!

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