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Status Offline
IP divinitycraft.org
Port 25565
Players 0
Version Paper 1.20.1
Country US
Owner DivinityCraft
Category PvP Faction Roleplay Raiding Economy 
Uptime 0.0%
Last Ping 395199 minute(s) ago

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DivinityCraft is a one of a kind survival server. It has unlimited Factions PvP, custom-made world and a realistic economy that makes any profession possible. Our only rule is that members do not behave in a way that harms the community, like cheating or acting immature. Everything else is allowed, including griefing and killing. The most important part of the Divinity experience is the realistic economy. Much like in Vanilla, minerals such as diamond, gold or iron is used as currency. We originally used a virtual currency system together with a dynamic virtual market, but we decided to go back to old roots again. Currency is now something physical, something real, instead of being a made up number. This can be used to purchase goods from other players, either directly or through shop-signs in cities or trade-hubs. Only want to raid other factions? Crush them, take their valuables for profit; invest in new gear and enchantments. If you're good at building grinders, you can make a living out of gathering XP, enchanting items and selling them. If you're the more peaceful type you can even for example work as an animal breeder, get spawn eggs from them by killing them and sell them for profit. With a realistic economy the possibilities of how to make money and play on the server are almost endless.

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