Rise Of Nations MC [Towny, Movecraft, Crackshot, WW1 Nations RP]

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Version 1.8.8
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Owner steffbeard
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 Rise of Nations, or RoN, is a Minecraft Towny server set in the 1800's. With custom plugins such as our very own chat bot known as Weasley, and other plugins to make gameplay and game mechanics smoother. With the plugin Movecraft, players can sail the oceans or soar through the skies on large airships and airskiffs. Basically, RoN is a big game of Europa Universalis. There are five major "world powers" (The US, UK, Russia, Prussia, and France) that all have their own unique traits and bonuses.Some of these bonuses include: [list] [*]Prussia has a discount on NPC infantry and foot soldiers, as well as discounts to gunpowder and weaponry. [*]Russia has free Peasent NPCs. [*]France has a 90% discount on food from food vendors, as well as 50% off building materials. [*]UK has 25% discount on ships and shipbuilding supplies. [*]USA has 10% discount on airskiffs and 5% discount on airships. [/list] Players are also allowed to vote for rulers everytime the map wipes or start an uprising to dethrone their ruler if they don't like them. Players can also create their own smaller nations. RoN also has something called Trade Cities. Like the name implies, there are cities built around the map where NPC traders are. They sell goods to the player and some have special prices or special items that are only found in that city. Larger Nations, or any Nation who is the dominent power in that area can control a spawn city. Nations gain control of a spawn city by completely surrounding atleast three sides of the city.For more information in-game just ask a staff member or ask Weasley by typing "Weasley (question)" in chat. If no one can help you just ask on the forums! 

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