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Status Offline
Port 25565
Players 0
Country US
Owner Foulwerp
Category Survival PvP Vanilla 
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Last Ping 763027 minute(s) ago

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FoulCraft Vanilla Server Basics needed for Public Servers: Anti Cheat, Anti Hacking, Anti X-Ray, Anti Griefing, Farm Limitation We try to keep it as Vanilla as possible, but also keep it fair and fun for everyone.Spawn:Spawn is in the middle of an ocean, this is to encourage players to move away from spawn when starting out. Going any direction from spawn for a little while and you will find land.Farm Limiter:This is implemented to prevent players from making large farms of animals/mobs that lag the server. You don’t need three hundred cows, so you are limited to roughly fifty.Tall Nether:This allows the nether to be 256 blocks from top to bottom, vanilla nether is 128.Orebfuscator:This prevents all types of X-Ray keeping game play fair.Vanilla Enhancements:This changes a few things mainly mob spawns. One of the changes is when you kill the Ender Dragon a chest will appear on the portal containing a dragon head and elytra. Shulkers will also spawn naturally in the end outside the main island. This allows the finite end resources to be easy for everyone to get.Plugins in Use: Orebfuscator (Anti X-Ray), FarmLimiter (Farm Limitations), GriefPrevention (Anti Griefing), GriefPreventionFlags (WorldGaurd Flags for Claims), ProtocolLib (Required for Orebfuscator/AAC), AAC (Anti Cheat/Hack), AACAdditonPro (Additional Anti Cheat/Hack), PhantomAdmin (Admin Tools), TallNether (256 High Nether)

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