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Status Offline
IP 37
Port 25763
Players 0
Country XX
Owner Zekkyy
Category Survival Creative PvP Raiding MCMMO 
Uptime 0.0%
Last Ping 796601 minute(s) ago

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This server has a wide range of player preference so if you're in to PvP, just survival or building this is the place for you! From our Races plugin to our Creative plots plugin from our Kingdoms to full scale wars! from our Quests TO EVENTS! just know this place is for you and you will enjoy it no matter what it is a skillfully crafted server which entales with our Races Pluggin, you have the option to be come the top of your food chain, from Human to Druids and Vampire to WereWolves,its a suprise no matter what! with our unique builds and plugins, we can guarntee you will have a great time. With events all the time revolving around plots with your chosen Race, build battles on creative plots or grinding up your mcmmo to take on a god!     ** UPDATES ** Ranking system we make sure ranks are fun enjoyable and affordable, we offer a range of items in our ranks so if you're a pvper you'll be getting a kit with Gear and more, if you're a survivalist perhaps tools to help you? Nextly if you're a builder and you really like it a bigger plot on the Creative world? Roleplay: for those who like role play there will be some! maybe even come up with your own to help our staff! PvP: Our system for pvp will be 1.8 and have better hit detections! so remember to grind up your Mcmmo! A Teamspeak make sure to download it to communicate with other players, meet new friends and have a laugh! Kingdoms, if you're a mature active player. you may have the special chance to become a leader of a kingdom! this will entail players being able to challange you for the rank and allying with other kingdoms. Friendly staff; will always be available to hear your opinions on the server other staff members and what we could do differently! We aim to achieve over any other server like us and domminate your hearts so rememember to vote and donate this will help the server get more popular and help improve it! Each week we will have a type of purge!where lockettes are disabled and you are able to be raided! A casino! fun easy and dangerous win money or loose it! we will see! Quests, Events will happen a few times a week from a quest to war to Build battles, please take part it lets the staff feel appreciated.. Got pluggins to suggest? Tell us!

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