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Status Offline
IP tanaka.mc-srv.com
Port 26169
Players 0
Version 1.11.2
Country GB
Owner TanakaPVP
Category Survival PvP  Raiding MCMMO 
Website http://tanakapvp.enjin.com/home
Uptime 0.0%
Last Ping 757164 minute(s) ago

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Welcome to TanakaPVP --------- A bit about us ---------  Hello! This is AdamJae, the owner of TanakaPVP, I am happy to announce the opening of the server very soon! We have worked very hard on creating the perfect server for all you Griefing/Raiding type people out there. We have gone through all our plugins to optimise the best OPkits faction experience possible. Now, we are a group of guys, currently studying for our a-levels, who have come together to form a type of server that has a unique taste to it. From producing dynamic plugins to creating a full experience that will suit any TanakaPVP player. We have various staff members who will help you at all means, and with a cost of nothing. Our current staff members are: [Owner] AdamJae [Head-Admin] Valaran [Admin] Dead_X [Admin] GeorgeP [Head-Moderator] OwenDJP Get to know them, and if you have any questions please ask! -- What does TanakaPVP have to offfer --  TanakaPVP is an OPkit Factions, McMMO, Raiding/Griefing server and has endless amounts of extra features too. We have a unique built in system where anyone can earn the top ranks with just having a large amount of GAME TIME - and yes trying to afk to gain ranks does not work. wink We offer ranks via ingame money and, of course, donations via paypal - we have our own store in this site right now!money-mouth We have the prestigious /gkit command, which will provide you with endless amounts of OPkits, get grinding cool Now, if you have any questions regarding anything to do with the staff or the server itself, please, go to the contact page of our website and write in. We want to hear from you, all of you! Feedback is what we want, expecially from our players! Hope you all have a great day and thank you for playing on TanakaPVP!!  

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