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Status Offline
IP mc.havocreborn.com
Port 25595
Players 0
Country SE
Owner Soundblasterr
Category Survival PvP  Economy 
Website http://havocreborn.com/
Uptime 0.0%
Last Ping 758551 minute(s) ago

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WE ARE 1.8.8 SERVER BUT ALLOW THE LATEST CLIENT TO CONNECT! OPENING AT 6PM GMT+1 ON THE 4TH FEBRUARYHavoc Reborn====---------==== Thanks for coming onto our server page! Whether you know Havoc OP Pvp or not, we're relaunching the server, under a new owner but with the same features! What we have to offer:Firstly, we have customised bosses. Our RPG world offers bosses like no other, having custom coded bosses but also custom drops. These bosses spawn in every so often and drop rare, and useful items which are often competed for.Secondly, shopkeepers with a seperate currency. These are exclusive items only obtainable through shopping with our NPCs, getting currency throughout playing the game from one of our many other plugins, surprisebags, to monster drops. We also have custom biomes, to help accomodate the feel of the "OP" that comes into our server. It enables players to get many resources to get started with raiding and base building!Customization is one thing we brag about, you have loads of customization coming from donations, playstyle and everything else we have to offer. If I were to keep listing features, you would be here for days on end, instead, come visit us on: [url=http://www.havocreborn.com/]http://www.havocreborn.com[/url] or join our discord at [url]https://discord.gg/uWq3ZJN[/url] !

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