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Status Offline
IP mineskill.uk
Port 25565
Players 0
Version Paper 1.14.4
Country GB
Owner shalal_101
Category Survival Creative   Towny 
Website http://mineskill.co.uk
Uptime 0.0%
Last Ping 658568 minute(s) ago

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Welcome to our server. In this server we have unique games such as; CNR, Survival, Factions and Creative. In CNR your objective is simple, you have to escape from a prison, that is guarded by the warden. Survival is when you build your own house and gather items, whilst fending off against the undead zombies that come to get you! There's casinos and all new secret recipes added! Factions however is a PvP based survival game  with clans, and your objective of the game is to be the best of them all in your clan, become the kingpin and rule! Lastly is Creative, you get your own plot where you can build anything you can possibly imagine! Donators get extra plots too. We have an amazing plugin here too that allows you to drive custom vehicles! Let’s talk about the staff team. The staff team is very mature and professional. They are fair and polite to all players. The staff team is still looking for players to apply so apply while you can! Now for the awesome part! We are doing a VIP+ Giveaway!!! VIP+ is one of the highest available ranks on the server. If you wish to enter, enter at:[url=https://gleam.io/rb0EB/mineskill-vip-give-away] [/url]http://bit.ly/MSGiveaway2 Maybe you'll win, who knows? Good luck and we hope to see you soon on Mineskill.uk.UPDATE:We have added a custom splatoon plugin! if you guys dont know what splatoon is I'll tell you! Splatoon: In splatoon your objective is to get kits provided by the plugin but for kits you have to get coins after you have gotten a kit you must Throw Snowballs on the ground (this is for the first kit the others have a different weapon) and to get your color (which can be orange or blue) painted on the ground the most!wins. also you'll be given weapons your award for if you kill a Player is 10 coins do you think you'll be able to get the most powerful kit which is 2k? You never know you may reach your goal into getting that kit! Another thing we added is Bedwars!UPDATE:[b]This Is really Huge we dont normally do This but here it is we're doing a GIVEAWAY! you may be wondering why would I take my time to enter? well In This special giveaway we'll be giving Out VIP+ and 10k (Save up to 60$). I bet you're sitting on your chair and saying I'll never win? Well dont worry since this isn't just gonna be 1 time only we are doing some giveaways more often So My question here is are you gonna win the giveaway? (7

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