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Status Offline
IP us.sweetrpg.xyz
Port 25565
Players 0
Version 1.12.2
Country XX
Owner Xorius
Category Survival PvP Roleplay Towny Adventure 
Uptime 0.0%
Last Ping 796611 minute(s) ago

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[b]Sweet RPG Towny ~[/b][b][b]After 2 years of thinking, learning, and resetting, we bring you a server with endless fun and remarkable features that combines the typical Towny server with the RPG server. Welcome to the the dank meme squad. [/b][/b][b]This server has a great community with friendly players. We allow cursing to a minimum, and we have daily events. Join us for a great time! Xorius: I once asked my players out of curiosity, "Do you guys think the server has potential?" They replied, "THIS IS SO FUN, JUST WISH THERE WERE MORE PLAYERS"So come on, Join us![/b][b]Server Features: [/b]- Unique Survival Experiences - Custom Bosses/Mobs  - Events and Item hunts!  - PvP and PvE  - Custom Items and Effects - Smoking - Player-ran economy! - Land Protection/AntiGrief - Purges! - And SO much more to come! [12/31/16] NEW: BENEFICIAL PETS THAT LEVEL UP, SILKTOUCH SPAWNERS, AND BUG FIXES!   To-Do List: - Battle Tower (Duel players, increase your rating, earn rewards, and climb the ladder!) - Better Anvils - /wild  - Muskets and Cannons ^^^ instead, there are now explosive items and 'kys fam' auto kill items- Brews - UHC MiniGame! - Silktouch Pickaxes - Lootboxes

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