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Country US
Owner Minerminer100
Category Survival  Hardcore  Roleplay MCMMO 
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Asokingdom is the most amazing Faction server you will ever find! We have amazing gameplay that changes the way factions is played. The Asokingdom staff team is very active, and there for any player that needs guidance or help of any kind! Now how to even explain Asokingdom? This server goes so far in depth with the creativity of its gameplay, that you won't believe how intense this server actually gets. Its no ordinary faction server. Asokingdom has an huge RPG aspect to it that makes the server what it is. Asokingdom has 1v1 arena dueling, Capture the flagtrading with players, and NPC's found. Yes I did say NPC's found because our server has random events that spawn random NPC's that trade or fight you for loot! You think the only side you have to pick is a faction? Well guess again because in this server we added ......* WEREWOLVES (only server with this): 4 werewolf clans each with a player controlled leader Alpha, that decides where they live.* VAMPIRES: Controlled by one true leader, Dracula. Vampires are for those who like to run solo with their powers. * Hunters: Hunt the monsters of the world, including vampires, and werewolves for bounty. Choose your faction, and choose your side. at night time Asokingdom becomes a place of nightmares! Better be sure you choose right. Asokingdom also has custom made items, blocks, mobs, and enchants that ONLY our server has. Common - Basic - Rare - Epic - Legendary loot! Dungeons:When you get tired of raiding for gear you can gather up your faction, and find the many random dungeons generated throughout the wild for amazing loot!  Asokingdom has specialized NPC dungeons with many different boss fights. Magic: Special minecraft plugin that puts magic into the server. Asokingdom uses magic to cast on foes, heal friends, or even destroy enemy bases. Asokingdom offers way to much to fit in this box check out the server for yourself at [ b][/b] ]OUR WEBSITE:

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