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Status Offline
IP Celestia.co
Port 25565
Players 0
Country US
Owner Edgy_Meme_Lord
Category Survival  Feed The Beast Raiding Economy 
Uptime 0.0%
Last Ping 754353 minute(s) ago

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♦ Key Crates ♦ Voting Rewards ♦ Non P2W ♦Voting nets you attractive prizes every day, and avid voters stand a chance to win coupons for donation ranks and kits. The store also does not offer powerful items or weapons for sale, leveling the playing field for donors and non-donors.♦ Few Banned Items ♦ Competitive PvP ♦ Factions ♦ Claim System ♦As the server encourages combat and raiding, there are very little items that need banning. However, that being said, there are still plenty of ways to protect your items and builds!♦ High Uptime ♦ Interactive Owner and Staff ♦ Flexible Management ♦ Frequent Updates ♦Celestia's management team prioritizes quality gameplay over all else, by listening to the community's suggestions, and updating the server accordingly. The server owner manages a large vanilla factions server and is well-versed in player and community needs.♦ New Server ♦ Tons of Custom Content ♦Due to the server being very new (December 2016), the terrain is largely untouched and everyone is just starting out. This is your chance to nab a perfect base spot before anyone else and get a head-start in conquering the server.♦ Gorgeous, Quality Aesthetics ♦ Easy-to-use Website ♦With a website manager versed in Visual Design, our website is atmospheric and pleasing with an easily usable user interface.♦ Player In-Game Ranks ♦Ranks are buyable with in-game cash, with 3 classes and kits that make each aspect of playing FTB Infinity easier.♦ Rewards Exploration ♦ Hidden Treasures ♦ RandomTP ♦Custom-built ruins and treasures are hidden around the Build Realm, rewarding exploration. There are Random Teleport signs around each Realm spawn, allowing for quick and easy transportation. Join us today!

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