Pixelmon Unlimited [5.0.0 beta 12]

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Status Offline
IP pix.unlimitedmc.org
Port 25565
Players 0
Version ProxyPipe, Inc.
Country XX
Owner Justin
Category Survival Pixelmon Economy MCMMO 
Uptime 0.0%
Last Ping 805364 minute(s) ago

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The #1 source of unlimited fun! We have tons of unique features so you can always have something to do and not be bored out of your mind!     Some of these features include: (but are not limited to) teams from the games, so far there is only Rocket, Plasma, Aqua, and Magma. Players on a team will only get a tag as of now, but I will add more features as my dev works on them as it is a new custom plugin that handles teams. Player gyms, each gym, has been exclusively designed by one or more builders with unique ideas in mind. A training path for players to use to level up their Pokemon while exploring the twists and turns of the jungle path or the loot filled caves of the mountain path. A fun spawn with some fun buildings to explore if you ever get bored. Some of these buildings include the Marowak tower which is a tower with high-level trainers on each floor which are sure to give you a challenge.  Then there is a huge maze which can get your team past level 50 and you can even find hidden loot while you complete it. Pixelmon plugins like wonder trade which lets you trade any Pokemon for a random one, and poke auctions that let you auction off your Pokemon to the highest bidder. Some other notable features include Custom terrain, free /pokeheal, minor item turn in quests, safari zone, increased spawn rate, shiny starters, keep inventory and weekly tournaments. I hope you guys come on and give us a try!

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