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Status Offline
Port 26382
Players 0
Version Spigot 1.12.1
Country XX
Owner KhaosLeper
Category Survival Faction Vanilla Roleplay Economy 
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Last Ping 716893 minute(s) ago

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[list] [*]Description: The Kingdoms MC started its original incarnation back in the early Alpha days of Minecraft. Recently we moved up to the 1.9.4 version of Minecraft and have started the process of rebuilding our community. We are currently looking for new roleplayers to join the community and take part in the rapidly growing lore and make their mark. [*]RP Background: Worlds linked upon worlds... Energy pulsating between them, and into everything in existence. This is all made possible by one strange phenomenon: Leylines.Although leylines seem to be rather philosophical to most, those who know the art of magic know better, as it is these from which the power of arcane is drawn. However, there is a limit to what can be done, and a certain eternities-old mage never really did realize just how much choices matter... That is, until his choice to save hundreds of people years ago sparked a cataclysmic event, and began to tear away the multiverse itself. Luckily, the gradual decay of existence can mean quite a bit of adventure in the meantime!Come explore the newly discovered and practically uninhabited land of Phenos and all the secrets which it holds, after its extra-planar contact with Oriens allowed people to cross between the two worlds. Strange magic awaits in this oddly familiar landscape, and an odd sense that something gargantuan lies just around the corner. [*]Rules: [list=1] [*]No Griefing [*]No exploiting/hacking/cheating [*]Roleplay rules must be followed [*]No Metagaming/Powergaming [*]Respect the Admins/Mods [*]Respect your fellow player [*]Do not advertise other servers/communities [/list] [/list]

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