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Looking for a friendly, adult server? You’ve come to the right place! Slime Realms is bringing Minecraft back to a true game play experience. Our game play offers features such as Towny, Slimefun, Mcmmo, Unique items,Custom bosses, A one of a kind custom generated world, Vote ranks, Quests, and much more! Slime Realms is for Veteran Players and Noobs alike. Everyone is accepted and appreciated. When you become a member of Slime Realms, you’ll find you found a server that feels like home.

Top Voters This Month Vote(s)
SketchyDreamZzz 8
stedfastdeer6 7
D4ms_ 5
Jkcent 4
waffleanator 3
TeddyBits 3
SafeDarkLord 2
Zapbomber12 1
Master_Key_ 1 1
LaggyMoosebot 1
Fuhrerin_Jelly 1
elva88 1
Blader550 1
Ice__Cubes__ 1
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