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OldFacs (Cracked/Premium)
Status Online
Port 25568
Players 6/30
Version Paper 1.16.3
Country US
Owner Immedicable
Category Survival Faction PvP Vanilla Cracked MCMMO 
Discord Click to join
Uptime 87.3%
Last update 2 minutes ago


"What is OldFacs?" Basically what it says on the tin; it's a tribute to the faction servers of old. But OldFacs is not simply a factions server. It's a semi-anarchy factions server. "Does that mean no rules?" Almost. Before you ask, yes, you can use cheats. The only bannable offenses are spamming the chat and lagging the server intentionally (and bans are temporary). "Tell me more." Well, the server is seasonal. What this means is that every 6 months the world resets. However, players do get to keep their INVENTORY and MCMMO progress. The world size varies each season but we make sure it's big enough for you to be able to hide your bases, unlike on those lame faction servers where the world is only 10k x 10k. As mentioned above, we have additional plugins like mcMMO, Auctions, Essentials, and others that simply add to the gameplay. "Alright, I'll give it a try." Neat, but be warned... this isn't a kiddie server. Toxicity is commonplace on the server due to its anarchic nature. Don't expect overwhelming friendliness and hugs. But here's what you can expect: freedom.

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