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IP alliumprison.ddns.net
Port 25565
Players 0/0
Country AF
Owner x_Penny_x
Category Prison 
Website http://www.realisticnetworkmc.com
Uptime 100.00%
Last update 15823 minutes ago

Hello everyone, today i bring you a brand new non op prison server. We are excited to announce that we have officially opened. But in beta mode. i need to make sure all perms work. So with that being said, the basic commands are good. i just need to add the actual plugin perms if there is any to add. We have: Black-market Cells warp Guard(for guards) Plots Gangs spleef arena and more We are in need of staff. so join and apply. i hope to see you guys :D [A-Block] This is your first rank in the prison. You are brand new prisoners who mine in an iron and coal mine, and chop trees to make your money. You can explore player markets, but have very few tools to defend yourself from violent prisoners. Keep working! Leave A-Block and grow your reputation! [B-Block] These prisoners have survived A-Block, and have proven themselves as hard and tough inmates. B prisoners mine for gold, clay, and lapis. B-Block is populated with smarter and more cunning prisoners, giving reputation as the bull dog block. This is where you meet your loyal friends, and potentially start to make a few enemies as well... [C-Block] Diamonds! These prisoners get to witness the first chance on getting diamonds from their mine. C-Prisoners are the middle rank of the prison and are known to be the shopkeepers. These prisoners have emerged from the PvP contaminated ranks below, and are best suited to dabble in the markets as owners and workers. [D-Block] These prisoners are some of the prison's elite, and are only one rank away from reaching parole and are commonly working for that goal as fast as possible. These prisoners can be seen rarely, usually darting in and out of prisoners. Word to the wise, these prisoners are usually running gangs and getting on their bad side isn’t a smart thing to do. [Parole] Prisoners you have achieved parole are the true masters of the prison. They are now free to truly pursue every aspect of the prison, whether it be building the best plot, or creating a gang which the guards fear! [VIP] Access to VIP Block is restricted to prisoners who have given a donation to the server. This block is free from PvP and has many fun and exciting aspects to it. Wanna know more about this block? Donate! Or ask a VIP prisoner.


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