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Welcome to GoldenLeaf Survival! We are a friendly community, active staff members, custom content to enhance the gameplay even more, such as: a user-friendly sidebar, new enchants, uniquely made minigames - You name it, we have it! We have: -V- Grief Rollback -V- Active owners -V- Active staff members -V- ​Very user friendly spawn -V- ​cheap admin shop -V- ​Mob/PvP/HG arenas -V- Own-coded monopoly minigame!! -V- ​Many many custom plugins with an own developer! Come and join us today!

Top Voters This Month Vote(s)
koning_makim 15
MsStarrySkye 14
Mister1880 9
cwh_Dan 9
Kayvandew 8
FiddleMeRolorius 8
CaptainHusky 7
ghostbuster6 7
maximyyy7000 6
Spacemen3 6
Dzl 6
maximyyy7000 5
pizzalover666 5
HellKilleX 4
Tatomatoboy 4

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