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[list] [*]We are a mature server run by three guys. Mufundu, GuyBuddy, and Myself (BladeVapes) We are all older so there is no immaturity going on! [*]Rules [*]1) Be Mature! [*]2) No racism of any kind at any time! [*]3) No afking on any server for any reason! [*]4) No hacking or mods that effect gameplay (Shaders, 5Zig, and Optifine are fine) [*]5) Use common sense at all times. [*]Description We have now gone dedicated!! Our servers are located in the US and are running 24/7. We have our hub and 3 other servers at this time, although, we plan to expand in the future. Our server has been up and running for almost 6 months. In October we went from the server we were renting to a dedicated machine so that there is now no lag and more servers to enjoy! We welcome all ages but expect everyone to act maturely regardless of age. [*]Survival We have our survival server, which is a semi-vanilla server with some decent perks and lots of ranks to buy in game!(Over 20 ranks in total now each with a new perk or more) [*]SkyBlock Up next we have our Skyblock server, After playing on a lot of skyblock servers we wanted to make one for all players, New, old, and in-between! Our islands are 180x180 so you have lots of room to do everything you want to do. We also have the Nether activated as well! So make sure if Skyblock is your thing to check it out! [*]Hardcore Last but very much not least is our HardCore server (Name change to come soon) which is our very own pay-to-play server. It has a very perk-heavy baseline for everyone to get something from right out of the gate. [*]Website [url=][/url] [*]URL [*]TeamSpeak [*]Join us at today! We look forward to meeting all you great people! [/list]

Top Voters This Month Vote(s)
BladeVapes 6
clydesdalefan 5
DragonSpirit92 5
mufundu 5
Mybeyond 4
Judas_Priest_ 4
GuyBuddy 3
Nagauk 2
Ronnie_1313 1
TakeMeHarambe 1
RadioactiveSky 1
cookieloves34 1
MeZeeN8750 1
DragonSpirit92 1
oooorgle 1

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