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~ 100% Anti-Grief ~ Frequent back-ups ~ Staff available almost 24/7 ~ Small and friendly community ~ Events held regularly   We are 100% Anti-Grief with prevention plugins and frequent backups.  Your builds will always be safe.  Our staff are available almost 24/7 and are able to help our players as quickly as possible.  There is a survival, skyblock, Creative and kitpvp server with more coming soon.  Events are held regularly on Survival with winner and participation prizes for all involved including the winner getting their own statue in our winners’ hall of fame and everyone involved.

Top Voters This Month Vote(s)
SadieICN 14
SpannahICN 13
AriesICN 12
CheyICN 11
DoragonRyuji 9
LoloICN 9
DoragonRyuji 9
Unicorn_Boo 8
MoosicleICN 7
stephheart1425 7
TheDingoICN 7
cake8 5
TntEatsMc 5
cake8 5
NULL00 4

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