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Welcome to...✧ AuraVale ✧ Here at AuraVale, we pride ourselves on having a kind, accepting, and laid back community. We strive to make every player experience the best yet We accept players of all ages, sexual orientations,  nationalities, religions and genders. Your safety and comfort is our #1 priority  There are a variety of different things to do on AuraVale.We have a range of plugins that modify the survival experience to make it more stimulating and convenient for you. Our game and server is ever changing. We are constantly adding new twists and new things to our server to make the player's experience better and more unique.A few of the plugins we offer for your convenience and entertainment are:McMMoJobsMarriageCoreProtect and Grief PreventionHeadDropsChest ShopEssentials& MANY MORE! ----------------------- Donators do recieve great perks, but default players have access to a range of commands that make gameplay interesting and convenient.A few of these commands are:/tp/mail/home & /sethomeALL players also have full inventory protection in the overworld 

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