OP Prison - Server IP: PgmcPrison.net
OP Prison - Server IP: PgmcPrison.net

IP pgmcprison.net:25565:25565
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Country country XX
Owner pgmcprison
Category Parkour Network OP Prison Economy MCMMO 
Uptime 99.97%
Last update 31 minutes ago

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- Fresh new server (Created 1st March 2016)  Join a fresh community, Become a early member of a community that will last for many more years.  - Keep items on death  [i]You will not lose your epic tools and gear on death but you will lose some money and your head in PvP Combat.  - Good Economy with player shops  Players can create their own shops on their plots, The Mine prices have been tested, you rank up at a fair pace. [/i] - Earn unique chat titles  [i]Complete the parkour map to earn a title, Killstreaks reward chat tags, Rare chance of miner tag from lucky chests which you get from mining. [/i]


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OP Prison - Server IP: PgmcPrison.net



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