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Server IP: Website:  Stormheart presents, an experience that Incorporates dungeons, bosses, and Hero Classes that allow you to use spells and magic. Using your abilities and understanding mechanics will help you survive. Gathering resources and selling them to the market or players, will help you gain money to start your adventure. Once you've become familiar be sure to join a Faction or Guild with other players to establish a connection with them. Our extensive Questing system is currently under development. Players may take different Quests, and complete them for rewards for stronger tiered armor. Quests can be found around the city from talking to the citizens of Eraxis or throughout the campaign mode. The campaign mode features bosses, quests, and custom monsters that require the abilities from heroes to slay, group up in parties with diverse class systems to help aid each other throughout the missions. Heroes is currently disabled until 1.9.2 update is released. Stormheart features Heroes which is a dynamic, flexible and highly configurable class, skill and experience system. Every time you level you gain life points, mana, and abilities unique to each class.

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