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We're a growing community started out for fun with friends. We focus on adding a bit of a twist of the traditional gamemodes like Survival, Creative, KitPVP.

SURVIVAL: Werewolves, Vampires, EnchantsPlus, mcMMO, MyPet, GriefPrevention, and more. It focuses on a three-way dynamic between races.
CREATIVE: big plots, WorldEdit by voting, and regular access to redstone. Potential builders welcomed!
KITPVP: like regular 1.8 PVP but with spells! Fireballs, earthquakes, lightning storms; all custom made.


Top Voters This Month Vote(s)
Harbor 17
botforce 11
Dandrew98 11
__dakota_ 10
Anomony 10
NotSovietCookies 9
_Centuris_ 9
Soviet_Cookies 8
Agent_endermen 7
Cinnamoonxo 7
Lidl_Pony 6
djOWLiXX 6
LucifersAnarchy 6
Daddy_Sulo 6
DeathBrineLives 5

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