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New Heaven > Survival Creative KitPVP  Updated to 1.11.2!  Website: [url][/url]  IP:  Discord: [url][/url]  We're a small network started out for fun with friends. We have active staff and intend to cater to a mature community. (Cracked players must use non-premium names to log on.)  SURVIVAL: GriefPrevention, pets, mcMMO, Werewolf, Vampire, custom worlds and mobs, 32 new enchantments and more.  CREATIVE: Dynamic sized plots, WorldEdit, Disguises, MassiveBooks, and more to be added.  KITPVP: RPG-styled kits, unique spells, custom damage-based rewards, support rewards, leveling system, teams system, and more.

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Top Voters This Month Vote(s)
mikaelahyakuga 22
firestormstrike 15
WhiteWolf001 15
_BadWolfNL_ 14
ViolaFusion 13
EugeniusGaming 12
TBlazeWarriorT 12
Skyrimgal 11
Saporen 11
Rinnegannn 10
vinpin21 10
Anel2003 9
HeathenFrens 8
nickvankleef 8
Miasaurus_ 8

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