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BartyRealms is a Minecraft community that has been running for nearly two years now. Over the years, the community has grown around our server. The history of BartyRealms is very long, but where does your chapter begin? Join today and discover a server that has been designed from the ground up to be fun and enjoyable to all players. Whether you want to play by yourself and have a chat with other players or work with a large group to create something truly special — the choice is yours. BartyRealms is run by extremely experienced professionals who have been doing this for a very long time. You can expect reliability, strong gameplay, a great community, and much more if you decide to join us. There are updates every single day that help make the server even better than it already is. We frequently poll features that players have come up with. The server is completely configured around what our players want and our focus above all else is making sure you have a good time on our server.

Main Features
- Custom Items (Emerald Gear, Meteor Gear, Scythes, Crooks, Sieves, Lightsabers, and much more)
- Custom Plugins
- Custom Dungeons/Bosses
- Jobs
- Economy
- PlayerShops
- Towny
- Strong Community - Frequent Events


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Six6VI 26
Mr_Bird_ 25
Munashi 23
EpicMangoQueen 21
Dilly_dog 21
tuxcreepz 21
selor133 20
Therealmapman99 20
Unijorn 20
Mechanic__ 19
jujusparkle 19
CutenessMaster 19
GreenBox111 18
DarkShadow132 18
Taggxi 17

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