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SorchMC is a Minecraft Towny Survival server running Slimefun. We will give you the most refreshing Towny experience where people can create towns, survive and have a great time with friends. There are also tons of unique plugins, such as PyroMining and PyroFishing which takes mining and fishing to a whole new level, adding Fluxes, Arcanes, Skill Points, Runes and many other custom items and enchantments What can you expect on SorchMC? ➥ Slimefun ➥ Autorankups ➥ McMMO & Jobs ➥ Mob Arena ➥ Players Markets & Auctions ➥ Player-ran economy ➥ Quests ➥ Weekly Events ➥ Live map ➥ Custom Enchants & Items ➥ And much more! IP: Forums: Store: Discord:


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