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Do you play minecraft? THEN Join OUR Discord right away • • ----------[ LaVaCraftMS ]----------------- Is a Cracked minecraft server anybody can play anywhere anytime. 24/7. IP: IP: IP: Join OUR Discord right away • • ---------------------------------------------- • LaVaMS is back online. ❤ | | | | | | ---------------------------- We have tried and made LC like it was before. - Hardcore PVP SURVIVAL with GOD ITEMS. - Survival world. - Plots world for secure homes. - MiniGames - Skyblock. - Creative world. - Ingame member ranks, Donator ranks. - Pets; Shops, Auction, Lottery, Banks. ---------------------------------------------- LC will stay online now and will be maintained throughout. It wont shut down again. Thankyou all for being patient, this is the server of our childhood ❤ Welcome back!!! - LavaCraftMS Management.


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