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SteeltonMC- Simply, Minecraft:Quick Version:      Our server is set on Hard. We offer Claims to protect you and your builds. There is PvP enabled but not in Claims. Raiding is allowed for those who do not protect. Greifing is also allowed for those who do not protect. Simple server, taking MC back to its roots for an enjoyable experience with nice players and small, devoted staff team.

Top Voters This Month Vote(s)
Mr_Chibi 10
GamesGamesGames1 9
Hazelnut20 8
SpartanJ7 5
Bigfoot____ 5
Woparsons 4
gwottem 4
_DonaldTrump 4
kajar9 4
yhlorm 4
Ramcsi2003 3
ShadowFantasy58 3
yasin_ibraim 3
AmongFaithsDay 3
DiphenZyr_ 3