Vote for [1.13] Semi Vanilla Survival Server SteeltonMC

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Short summary:  Steelton is a hard, semi-vanilla survival server. PVP, raiding, and griefing are allowed. However, players are given the ability to create land claims in order to protect themselves, builds, and items.  "Minecraft back to its roots - friendly players and a dedicated team" 

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HorsefighterBoem 18
Kii 17
SpacedMarine 16
Pentaholic21 15
jib0 15
Slyrae 15
Zethiskda 11
Thetzd 11
FoolsErrand 9
ClassicRockD 8
MsCyndi 7
Dethblok 7
GeekiWeekly 7
ThunderC00kie211 6
DungeonBeast 4