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 New Canada was founded in September of 2010. Around the big 2010 Halloween update the server was shut down for good. A year or so later Codyscheer and Superflydemon recovered the world file and started hosting the server again as New New Canada. Come check out an original survival server from alpha minecraft. We are always growing and always online  Our server consists of 4 worlds, NewNewcanada, NewIowa, Library2, and OldNewcanada. Donations are now live    Plugins  Worldguard  Essentials  Multiverse  Touchscreenholograms  Chestshops  LWC  AnimalProtect  PermissionsX  TreeAssist  Lottery  Chairs  HealthBar  And much more    We would absolutely love if you could stop by for a visit, and we look forward to accommodating you. Additional Notes  Survival server for those who enjoy community and legitimate play. This world has been around since alpha, and has a rich history. New worlds are available for those craving more recent features.

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