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Hello everyone this is Toxic Gaming here and we are excited to announce the opening of our survival minecraft server! We have been beta testing it for a few weeks now and are happy to say that we are open to the public and would love for you to join and have some fun! Our server is a player based economy where players have the opportunity to be able to rent a shop and/or even own a plot in the mall. We have golden shovel claiming for land protection so that way all your hard work and items earned can stay safe and away from anyone that wants to potentially take your possessions. Just incase you would like to be extra safe we also have a plugin to lock your chests called lockette which is all explained in the tutorial area we have setup. We would love for you to join and explore our server as we will host many fun events for everyone to enjoy and meet many new people with common interests!This server directly correlates our Teamspeak server. Our Teamspeak server is a great community with a passion to help out its members with finding new games, new friends, and also for you guys to have a fun time! We host inhouses for many different games, karaoke events, and also weekly prized tournaments for League of Legends. We also have many gaming rooms and host many other games including World of Warcraft, CS:GO, Dead by Daylight, Town of Salem, Blade&Soul, Overwatch, and many more! We want members to feel that they are welcomed in our community and also we as staff want more people to befriend! If this interests you then feel free to come onto our server at! We all would love to see you come out and try out our server!

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