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SteeltonMC- Simply, Minecraft: Quick Version:      Our server is set on Hard. We offer Claims to protect you and your builds. There is PvP enabled but not in Claims. Raiding is allowed for those who do not protect. Greifing is also allowed for those who do not protect. Simple server, taking MC back to its roots for an enjoyable experience with nice players and small, devoted staff team.Long Version:     Our server is a semi-vanilla survival server set on hard mode. Hard mode means that there are lots of mobs and hunger.  Semi means that we have a few plugins to make management of the map and your arrival, a little easier. From the start you get a few basic commands: /Spawn, /Home, /Sethome, /Tpa and Tpahere, /Warp, /Trust, /Help, /List, /Wild, /Ignore.     We are also a PvP community, so play carefully. Be smart.  Every server has some rules, and we are no exception. Read them on our website and in game with /Rules, obey them, and you'll be fine. Starting out, Guests are exempt from PvP.     Stealing, killing, and griefing are all allowed, so be prepared. We do have a way to make claims to protect you and your home. PvP is disabled in claims. The only safe space location is SpawnTown. So please ask if you're unsure. See our tutorial on claiming land via /Warp Tutorial. If you hate PvP, then we suggest that you travel far away from spawn, or in SpawnTown, or, claim your land.     Team play is encouraged but not required. If you are here to survive and be part of a great community in the process, you'll have a great time. If you love to build, our claims system will ensure that your work is protected. We love great builds!

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